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With over 15 years of experience in the field, we can build top class solutions for your telecom businessInstant monetisation of network resources

Our convergent solutions enable Communication Service Providers to control network resources, Quality of Service levels and dynamic allocation of bandwidth based on flexible business rules. Our innovative approach allows rapid enablement of new business models for data monetisation but also new services such as VoWiFi and VoLTE.


PCRF is our solution that handles your network and your subscriber policies exactly according to your demands.


AAA is our solution for the network access control services: authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)  compliant with the relevant standards of IETF, 3GPP.

Versatile integration

VoWiFi uses industry standard EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA secure 
authentication methods.These allow subscribers to seamlessly move between 3GPP networks and non-3GPP networks with a single login.

Technical features

  • Optimized software architecture based on JAIN SLEE

  • Horizontal scalability

  • Vertical scalability

  • 3GPP Support

  • Interfaces: Radius, Diameter, LDAP, SS7 MAP

  • Virtualised deployment

Policy Control Use Cases

  • Location-based policy: Enables home-zone

  • Roaming: Optimizes international usage patterns

  • Fair use policy: Reduces bandwidth after user exceeds limit

  • Terminal type based policies

  • Application specific charging and policy

Flexible business logic

Customize your own policies by using the embedded Rules Engine

Technical features

  • Optimized software architecture, based on JAIN SLEE

  • Event Reporting to AF

  • 3GPP Support

  • Interfaces: Rx, Gx, Sp (LDAP, SOAP)

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