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Subscriber Data Management

Seamless integration of subscriber data across all network domains


HLR/HSS is our solution for multi-profile subscriber management that enables centralised subscriber information regardless of the access domain (GSM UMTS, IMS, LTE and others).

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Our solution enables Communication Service Providers to consolidate subscriber data across 2G, 3G and LTE networks. Our virtualised solution provides three major components: Home Location Register, Home Subscriber Server and the common Subscriber Repository.

Technical features

  • Optimized software architecture based on JAIN SLEE

  • Integrated AuC (Milenage)

  • SQL Backend

  • 3GPP Support

  • Interfaces: Diameter S6a, Cx, Sh, SS7 MAP, LDAP

  • APIs for provisioning

  • Virtualised deployment

Telco software development
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