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Intelligent Network Solution

Deliver advanced and highly customizable IN services

Our CAMEL Gateway solution allows rapid development of customizable IN services and enables Communication Service Providers to offer converged services for prepaid, postpaid and hybrid propositions.

Camel Gateway

CAMEL Gateway Platform enabler is intended for fast and easy Intelligent Networks (IN) services deployment in mobile networks using CAMEL Application Part (CAP) protocols. It enables operators to offer real-time control of voice call, SMS and GPRS sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi tenant platform enables operators to provide native real-time services and interactive content delivery applications to mobile subscribers with both network push and menu-based interaction across multiple branded services. 

  • Carrier-grade scalability and reliability with load balancing and clustering support for automated failover delivers an excellent user experience for mobile subscribers. 

  • SIGTRAN (M3UA), SS7 CAMEL and  HTTP interface support provides industry-standard network integration into Circuit Switched networks.

  • CAMEL gateway supports both network functions virtualization (NFV) and clustered virtual machine (VM) deployments.

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