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Telecom Application Servers

Enabling rapid develiery of converged Web – Telecom applications for tomorrow’s networks

Our TAS solutions provide an open environment to CSPs and Enterprises to deliver Java, IMS, SS7, Diameter and Web next generation applications for mobile, fixed networks and enterprise business applications

JAIN SLEE Application Server

The JAIN SLEE Application Server, powered by Restcomm, provides a highly scalable, event-driven application server with a robust component model, designed to run real time telecommunications applications.

Restcomm JAIN-SLEE is protocol-agnostic. It includes Resource Adaptors (RA) to connect the Application Server (AS) to protocols and services like SIP, SS7, XMPP, and SMPP. As new protocols or services become important to your application, the Restcomm JAIN-SLEE can be extended easily to support them through the RA model.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance core built on Redhat JBoss provides predictable and stable performance, along with great operations tool support including MX Console, Jopr Plugins and SNMP Adaptor.​

  • High resiliency and availability through fault-tolerance at both the JSLEE and event level from the Resource Adaptors (RA) and from the protocol layer using the RestcommONE Load Balancer.

  • Resource Adaptors for most common protocols and services including SS7, Diameter, SIP, XMPP, SMPP, XCAP, HTTP and JDBC, as well as the ability to create custom resource adaptors.

  • Fully self-contained and highly optimized, JAINSLEE supports both network functions virtualization (NFV) and clustered virtual machine (VM) deployments.

  • Flexible operations and monitoring for statistics gathering on the Java virtual machine (JVM), and JBoss server. Several management and monitoring options are available including a scriptable command line interface and a web console for configuration and management.

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SIP SERVLETS Application Server

SIP Servlets is a SIP Application Server that enables rapid development and deployment of real-time communication (RTC) products and services using SIP and WebRTC. A powerful application routing mechanism, enables the creation of new products and services by connecting multiple independent services together to support the service business logic required.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-tenant SIP Application Server (AS) enables operators to provide next-generation real-time communication (RTC) applications across multiple branded services.

  • SIP over Websocket and HTML5 supports real-time voice and video applications using SIP and WebRTC.

  • IMS SIP Extensions enable the SIP application server to act as an IMS application server to provide seamless integration into RCS and IMS-based services.

  • Carrier-grade scalability and reliability, with load balancing and clustering support for automated failover, delivers an excellent user experience for mobile subscribers. 

  • Flexible Operations and Monitoring support using industry standard protocols including SNMP, Java JMX, JBoss Jopr, and scriptable command line interfaces with full CDR, logging and auditing reporting capabilities.

services juno 2019_Telecom Application S
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