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Takeaways from MWC

MWC is the event of the year for mobile industry and is the show where players across the mobile ecosystem showcase the latest developments in technology and share their vision for the future.

From devices to digital media, the Internet of Things to the Impact of 5G, Mobile World Congress covers it all.

5G and IoT are everywhere

These terms were omnipresent at MWC. High speeds and lower levels of latency will drive 5G worldwide implementations, bringing great mobile broadband speeds as well as the opportunity of new IoT connected products and services development.

Samsung revealed its 5G Home router, as an alternative to fibre connections. Verizon will start a pilot to offer 5G to select customers in the first half of the year. AT&T will also launch 5G pilots this year.

But developers must now come into picture and figure out how to use the bandwidth - build relevant consumer apps, create advanced IoT use cases and smart robotics.

Connected Cars

Surprisingly, in-car connectivity seems for me a thing of a past. Next step? Driverless cars! A big challenge for auto manufacturers will be to convince consumers that driverless cars are safe and efficient, but automakers like Ford, BMW and Volkswagen highlighted their efforts in this area.

Other cool stuff

Retro phones. Nokia brings their 3310 back, 17 years after it's debut. Obviously, it comes along with the classic game Snake and a longer battery life. Drones will play an integral part of the “smart cities” of the future. Reality is now augmented.

I have been there for the full week, meeting our customers and partners, walking around, playing with demos, and networking with people. But besides this great show, visiting Barcelona is always a great pleasure.

See you next year!


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