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Already running OpenCloud Rhino or Telestax ?

Then bring your innovative idea to life!

Modular service architecture of the JAIN SLEE Application Servers, such as OpenCloud Rhino TAS or Telestax JSLEE, supports custom applications development based on Camel and MAP (mobile), SIP and Diameter (IMS) protocols, messaging systems (SMPP) and enterprise systems (HTTP).

Together we can build the perfect solution for your particular business needs and our team of professionals will help you take the best business decision before starting.

Our team of JAIN SLEE experts assists you in all stages of software development, covering solution architecture, implementation and testing, in order to bring your idea to life.

Our experts have been successfully deploying JAIN SLEE technology since 2010, Among the services developed, we can list:

  • PCRF application for mobile broadband subscribers and VoLTE use cases

  • AAA application for M2M mobile data control

  • HLR/AuC system

  • Multiple messaging applications (USSD, SMS)

Contact us at to discuss your next telco project. We'll bring the coffee!

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