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Open Source RADIUS JSLEE Resource Adaptor Released

We are proud to announce the Open Source implementation of the JAIN SLEE Radius Resource Adaptor, available at


The Resource Adaptor provides Radius API for JAIN SLEE applications. It is built using TinyRadius stack and allows the developer to build server side Radius Applications.

Events represent the Radius Authentication and Accounting messages received by the Radius stack and are fired on specific server activities.


Radius Resource Adaptor defines the following activities:


RadiusAccessSession activity represents server side of a Radius Authentication session.

This activity type is implicitly created by the Resource Adaptor upon reception of the Radius Access-Request message.


RadiusAccountSession activity represents server side of a Radius Accounting session.

This activity type is implicitly created by the Resource Adaptor upon reception of the Radius Accounting-Start message.

Both activity types define methods required to expose the necessary information to JAIN SLEE services:

public void accept(RadiusAccessAck ack);

This method sends an Access-Accept Response message

public void reject(RadiusAccessNack nack);

This method sends an Access-Reject Response message

public RadiusAccountingResponse createResponse(RadiusAccountingRequest request);

This method sends an Accounting Response message


Radius Resource Adaptor defines the Radius protocol specific events, as follows:






The Resource Adaptor supports configuration only at Resource Adaptor Entity creation time, the following table enumerates the configuration properties:

authPort (java.lang.Integer) - The port which receives authentication requests. E.g. 1812

accPort (java.lang.Integer) - The port which receives account requests. E.g. 1813

secrets (java.lang.String) - These are the secrets used to authenticate NAS. E.g.


In order to build the Radius Resource Adaptor, the following dependences are needed:







Radius Resource Adaptor is licensed under GNU Affero GPL v3.0. For commercial use or custom development, please contact JUNO Software (

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