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JUNO Software joins the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network

We’re thrilled to announce that JUNO Software has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) within the Consulting Partner Path. The APN is a global program for technology and consulting businesses that work with AWS to build solutions and services for their clients. Through this partnership, our customers can engage seasoned experts in cloud native software development to assist with the analysis, migration, and modernization of their entire application portfolio.

AWS has an extensive set of more than 50 cloud services that range from compute, storage, database, networking, analytics, end-user applications, mobile services, IoT, developer tools, management tools, security & identity, and application services, making it the ideal cloud platform to migrate and run your applications.

The AWS Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that need to access reliable and secure computing resources in a cost-efficient manner. AWS offers value by operating on massive economies of scale. You can access precisely the computing resources you need and pay for them as you go, without any upfront costs or risks of wasted money or restricted capacity.


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